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| Presidential Research Center & Documents Legislative Official Name of Parliament: Majlis-e-Shuray-e Islami (National Assembly) Majlis Research Center (Persian)-The official Parliament site provides extensive information on the activities, organisation and members of the legislative body.Speaker of the Parliament Bio Majlis Deputies-The 290-members are elected by popular vote to serve four-year terms. Majlis Research Center Majlis Research Journal - Majlis va Pajohesh (Persian) Parliament Legal Affairs (Persian) Hafezeh Ghavanin: Database of Laws and Regulations (Persian) Mellat Electronic Newspaper (English/Persian)-Provides comprehensive news and information on the activities of the legislature. Majlis Library (English/Persian)-Consists of library, museum and historical documents.Clipping page 139 (gif) | Clipping page 140 (gif) | Clipping page 141 (gif) Iran/United States Treaty of Amity, Economic Relations and Consular Rights, signed at Tehran on 15 August 1955 International Court of Justice Oil Platforms (Islamic Republic of Iran v.

Bokharai & Associates-Specializes in intellectual property, civil and Corporate law and business law. Ebadi Tabrizi & Associates-Provides a wide range of legal services in Iran including IP matters. Ali Laghaee & Associates-Specializes in the field of intellectual property and corporate law.

A socio-physical study towards building barrier-free urban environment in Iran Urban planning and architecture for disabled persons in Iran: Establishing design criteria Iran: Election Access Social Security Programs Throughout the World - Iran Islamic Penal Law Islamic Penal Law in Iran - UNHCR Maritime Law Maritime Law-Provides a brief overview of Iranian maritime law. B.) Iranian-American Bar Association (IABA) Iranian Canadian Lawyers' Association (ICLA) Law Association of Qubec Socit des Avocats et Juristes Franco-Iraniens Law Firms Adib Law Firm-Provides a full range of services relating to domestic and international law. Behrooz Akhlaghi & Associates-Handles a wide range of practice areas including civil and commercial law, energy, foreign investment law and litigation. Hassan Amirshahi & Associates-Handles a wide range of practice areas including civil and commercial litigation, investments, incorporation and oil & gas issues.

Iran: Legislation & Maritime boundary delimitation agreements (UN) Caspian Sea Legal Status Caspian Sea Region: Legal Issues (DOE) "The Legal Status of the Caspian Sea." (Middle East Institute) Teheran: Legal Status of the Caspian Sea should be Based on USSR-Iran Treaties (Pravda) NGO Law NGO Regulations in Iran (ICNL) A Synopsis of Law Reform for Iranian NGOs NGOs in Iran (UNODC) Parties Law Parties Law and Its Relevant Executive Regulations List of Legally Registered Parties in Iran Press Law Press Law-Ratified on March 19, 1986. Atai & Associates-Specializes in international business law, investment Law, corporate law and litigation.

Iran Military Court (Persian)-Provides information on the courts jurisdiction and procedures. Iranian Official Journal-In Persian Only Judiciary News Judiciary Branch General Inspectionn Organization-In Persian Only Notary Public Prosecutor's Office (Dadsetani) Supreme Audit Court Ministry of Justice Minister of Justice-Provides a brief biography.

Legal Guides Guide to Law Online: Iran (Law Library of Congress)-Highlights the constitution, executive, legislative and judicial power structures, the Parliament and online resources.

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